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Cheap 2wd spindle lifts for edge lovers

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for all my edge lovers out ther has a spindle lift for around $340 shiped. log on to there website and scroll down to the lifted spindles tab.i just be warned that you will have to relocate your bump stops to keep your calipers from compresing when you fully turn (found that out at a red light doing 55)... hope it helped someone
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Nice find, I will pass this around.

Good find!

Maybe if Olford gets the lifting bug, he could check these out! ;D
the lifting bug eh? I thought i had the race truck bug... maybe once im comissioned into the navy ill get a 2wd edge and lift that one so ill race setup mine. lol

That is a great find though! Great kit for the 2wd edge!

lifting bug... haha, you crack me up man!
Haha... I figured since almost everyone else on the site was either lifting or planning to lift that we might pull you over to our side eventually... LOL
haha, well maybe eventually.... unless something crazy comes across me, this particular ranger is gonna be my lowered race truck. Maybe in a few years ill have another ranger. If i do get another then it will def be a 4x4 since ive already got a 2wd. that would be my lifted wheelin truck!
ya im running it on mine... serves its purpose. as for olfordtruck hell come around sooner or later when he finds out how good his short wheelbase would be rollin on some 42 swampers.... one can only hope.
haha, what about how sweet that short wheelbase and light truck would be going around a track with no problem. lol... we shall see... wont do anything for a few years anyways due to finances.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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