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cars you've had

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thought it might be fun. i'll go first.

88 dodge shadow ---------first car, drove through high school, tranny went out. parents junked it.
94 suzuki sidekick ------bought when i was in the air force, motor blew.
81 jeep cj5 -------------bought with my inlistment bonus, sold because i was having financial probs.
87 ford broncoii --------drove for 2 years, stolen.
86 ford ranger ----------bought mostly for parts for bronco, drove for a few weeks. junked.
93 dodge shadow turbo ---fun, but had problems. sold it.
89 ford probe -----------my ex and i bought it together. when we broke up let her have it.
92 toyota camry ---------bought from another ex-girlfriend when bronco was stolen. lead to dating her again.
84 ford broncoii --------sold the camry to buy it. still have it.
91 chevy corsica --------bought from co-worker when motor blew in the bronco. traded it in for contour.
85 ford ranger ----------bought for the motor to fix bronco. drove it for a while. junked.
88 toyota camry ---------the car my current girlfriend had when we met. junked.
98 ford contour ---------bought mostly as a better car for my girlfriend. traded in for rodeo.
90 isuzu trooper --------bought as a winter vehicle. junked.
05 pontiac sunfire ------bought from dealer, drove it for a month. dealer called and said they couldn't finance.
02 oldsmobile bravada ---took over payments from a friend. had for 2 months and the front end blew up. gave back to now (ex) friend.
93 isuzu rodeo ----------traded in contour for it. really liked it. girlfriend's brother wrecked it.
80 honda cb750 ----------bought as a cafe racer project but sold for a good profit instead.
95 ford explorer sport --still have it. girlfriend drives it mostly.
93 ford explorer --------bought for the axles for my bronco. drove it a little but it had a blown head gasket. junked. (made profit)
97 jeep wrangler --------bought from girlfriend's loser brother who can't even afford to register it. still have.
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1997 Ford Ranger STX - Still have it
1984 Bronco II XLT - Still have it
1999 Ford Ranger XLT - Wrecked it
2002 F-150 FX4 - Still have it
1994 Ford Ranger STX - Sold it
2002 Ford Ranger FX4 - Sold it
my wee little list here:

1994 Nissan Sentra- first car in high school and sold it to take the truck from my dad
2003 Ford Ranger Edge- current truck, gonna keep it forever! Love my Ford truck!
man rico your just as bad as i am

1975 Plymouth duster
1977 Chevy camaro
1983 Chevy half ton truck
1982 Chevy camaro
1975 Chevy luv
1972 Chevy luv
1981 Chevy 2wd short bed
1980 4wd Chevy short bed
1988 GTA trans am
1988 Suzuki sameri
1997 dodge 4wd short bed - still have
1984 Chevy blazer
1972 cj5 jeep
1986 4wd s10 blazer
1999 sunfire
1985 bronco II - still have
1984 Z28 camaro
1972 Chevy blazer
1992 Chevy 2500 4wd - still have
1990 Chevy s10 4 door blazer - still have
1972 GMC jimmy
1971 Chevy blazer - still have
1990 ford ranger - still have

and this doesn't include the very very many i have bought for parts.
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1990 Nissan 240sx - First Car, Owned it for a month. Never got to drive it.
1987 Nissan Maxima - Drove it without a license. Bad alternator sold it.
1990 Chevrolet Corsica
1990 Honda Accord - Drove to work, which was down the block. Got it when I got my license
1983 Mercury Cougar - Stock 302 "Honda Eater" mean old muscle car.
1995 Isuzu Rodeo - 2wd, Manuel crazy little suv that only died due to clutch problems. (and me driving while intoxicated x_X )
1980 Chevrolet C10 - Mean old truck smallest engine chevy had that year in it. Traded my dad for his Ranger
1995 Ford Ranger - Sold
1999 Ford Victoria - Painted it then Sold it
1993 Ford F150 - Bought it, and then gave it back, then bought it back! lol
man this opened a can of worms here lol.

1946 chevy beat truck first ride ever drove it all stock and than sold it to my boss

1982 mercury zepyr second ride traded a $20 roll bar for it. started my love for the 2.3l and i rolled it and junked it out insurence paid $2200 for rolling it

1994 chevy corsica pulled gov and she was able to hit 150 mph but starts to over heat sold

1967 el camino traded this and another chevy to get a chevy crew cab

1984 chevy high boy trade to get crew cab

1985 toyota celica full fiberglass wide body 22r turbo traded for brand new car trailer

1985 chevy crew cab sold

1936 chevy pickup sold

1970 nova sold

1989 chevy 4x4 parted out

1989 chevy ext cab sold

1985 bronco II sold

1984 s10 rac truck sold

1984 toyota with small block chevy solc

1938 ford truck with beat box sold

1986 dodge shadow sold


1985 ford ranger (this is how it all started) stolen

1985 turbo coupe wish i still had it gave to cuzzin

1988 nissan sentra 1 auto and 3 standard trans later junked it

1987 nissan sentra junked

1980 something ford escort sold

1991 pontiac lemans stolen

1993 grand am gt junked

1996 ford ranger ex's dad gave it to me rolled it but still have it

1999 ford mustang gave to ex

1996 ford ranger still have

1996 ford xplorer traded for ranger

1996 ford ranger still have different ones this make my 3rd 96

1990 ford ranger sold

1992 chevy burben sold

1992 toyota pickup sold

1995 chevy camaro sold

2004 ford ranger sold

1972 toyota land cruzer still have

1958 ford fairlane 500 still have

1994 isuzu amigo still have

2001 dodge dakota still have

1990 toyota pickup junked

1965 ford ranchero still have

1984 camaro z-28 still have sittin in ne needing a motor and trans

ok so this is all i can think of right now i know there is more but spacin right now

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wow few of you have had a **** ton of cars & trucks

I have had the following:

82 GMC Caballero (El Camino) - totaled
88 Merc Topaz - parents traded in, got $300 for it
97 Ford Aerostar - got after totalling first car, brother then got it and totaled it
04 Ranger - a bribe from the parentals, then traded in for the civic
07 Civic - got for mpgs, still have
05 Ranger - missed having a truck, bought 6 months after the civic, still have
Lets see over about 6yrs now

92 ranger rolled it then drove it into the ground
94 ranger first ranger ever. Drove it into the ground them it caught fire lol
96 ranger sold it bought it back then dropped it.
92 ranger bought it for parts then I scrapped it.
97 ranger parts truck bought it for the box and the rear axle. scrapped
91 ranger parts truck again. scrapped
88 Ranger bought it for research and learning
04 Ranger my current DD wich sucks more then a gay porn if you drive in more then 4 inches of snow
86 Nissan Hardbody. bought it while was doin some motor work on the 04 so I could chase parts. Later on it became a "race" truck for the feild out back
87 S10 I dont actually know how I aquired it or why I did. But I used it out in the feild again so two people could drive at one.
86 S10 blazer blew up the tranny 2 days after gettin it.
78 Blazer on 38s blew it up and rolled it
72 camaro wrapped it around a tree
92 aerostar bought it cause i ws in a bind for a vehicle and it turned out to be amazing. We took out the seats in the back and tied the seatbelts in a not and made a swingset for when we were driving. Also worked grate for roadies lol
78 Ranger F150 on 35s the truck was sick I drove it till the body literally fell off HA!
79 F250 I still have it and its going to get a 4bt here soon.
88 Dodge daytona shelby z. I spun every bearing in that motor lol. then I ran it over with my 150 ranger.
Almost forgot my 94 B2300
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i forgot to add in one of my favorite beater it was a dodge d50 i think from the 1980 somethings and we took the motor out of my 1984 Z28. put the motor in with a turbo 350 auto trans and than jumped the hell out of it

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lol sweet^^ Yea I have a small obsession with little trucks. I cant express how badass that aerostar was. I found one on craigslist not that long ago that had a 4.0ohv and a 5spd if i would have had the extra it sooooo would have been in my driveway.
88 BII first car
0 other cars ever owned

Well, you're well on your way!
well my first vehicle was

1998 gmc sierra Z71 5.7 blew the engine drag raceing down main st. in my town i won
2001 ford focus 2.0 dad gave to me i used it for rally racing blew the tranny racein
1995 pontiac boniville 3.8 supercharged rolled it and than blew the tranny
1995 dodge spirit 3.0 lol blew the tranny after i blew the engine and put a new one in it
2000 ford focus kuna edition still running still own lol
2003 ford ranger FX4 LEVEL II ofcourse still running and still own
2008 buick lucerne still own grandpa handed to me right before he passed away from cancer R.I.P. Charles Raymond VanDerBos
Should put my couple of cars worth.

Started off with

77 datsun king cab, sold
87 ford ranger, still won't get rid of
86 chevy cavalier, pos - gave it away. was my wifes car when we met
00 toyota corolla, decent car, good mileage but couldn't fit 3 kids in the back. traded in for venture
00 chevy venture, traded in for one with bigger trunk space
02 chevy venture, still have. Few minor problems but nothing major
00 ford taurus, still have. strong running car, decent mileage
Too much writing :D
Hmm lets see...

in order,

Long Gone:
1968 Ford pickup
1972 Ford pickup
1986 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe
1993 Nissan 240sx

Still have:
1968 Chevy C10
1988 Plymouth Horizon
1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V
1988 Plymouth Horizon
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First vehicle: 1996 Ford Ranger 2wd Reg. cab long bed 2.3L 4-cylinder


Second vehicle: 1997 Subaru Legacy GT 2.5L 4-cylinder boxer


Current truck: 1996 Ford Ranger STX extended cab 4x4 4.0L V6

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