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Car Show

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Car show guys.

These flames were pretty bad ass 8)

Here you go guys I took you to the car show enjoy!!!!
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Those are some great pictures! Lots of beautiful classics and amazing off road vehicles! Id love to go to California car shows. I may be stationed in san deigo in 2 years so i may get to see some!

Good work man! ;D
Hells to the flippin yeah! I want to get stationed out there for my first 2 years in the navy. Hopefully I can get a ship out there. That would be a blast!
haha, ive been used to a beach town my whole life so Cali would probably be a good transfer.
haha, sounds great to me! Hopefully in two years it happens man!
hells yeah man! Im ready to graduate and commission now! lol
yeah it will! I think my truck would enjoy the cali weather!
Red said:
u guys ever hear of the dream cruise ?
yeah, the winner gets a dream cruise of riding with me!
1 - 7 of 32 Posts
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