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After installing the new D35, my camber is way off. \---/ I understand i can fix this with new camber bushings. Can i install coil spacers and camber bushings and still be level? How do i know which camber bushings?
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I would recommend buying the camber bushings that come with the Skyjacker lift kits... and then I would take it to a shop to get a proper alignment... That's one thing I've never attempted... LOL
Get it on an alignment rack somewhere so they can tell you how far out of spec your are. Then buy bushings with an adjustment range that contains the camber correction you need. Get the Moog (or Skyjacker) 2-peice bushings, they can be dialed in much more precisely than the one piece design.
are they expensive?
i think i payed like $30 bucks a peace for mine and i got them at napa.
The two piece ones are like 25-30 bucks a piece and are adjustable from 0-4 degrees.
i have seen the two piece for $60 and it gives you 6degrees of adj
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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