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bronco II lift on a 93 exsplorer

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hey i was wondering if my old bronco II suspension lift would work on a 93 explorer. im pretty shure it will but not shure.
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I can't give you an answer on that sorry bud.
it should work on the front but you wouldn't be able to on the back due to the spring under configuration of the explorers. explorers got the TTB dana 35 also so you would need to make sure that you have the lift brackets with the dana 35 cut out in it.
im not worryed about the back its the front im not shure if it will work i dont no if the d35 will bolt up or if the brackets are in the same place and shape. the resone i ask is becouse my sister inlaw has a 93 exsplorer that she was thinking of sending to the junk yard and she would sell it to me cheap and it's not in that bad of shape.
if i were u i'd buy it anyway and find out if it fits alittle later u never know when i can come across a lift or really anything for it :) and if u let it go u'll prob regret it later u never know man
the d35 will bolt up fine, the bracket just needs to have the notch cut in it or when you flex out the diff case will hit the bracket
witch notch got a pic :exclaim: :exclaim: i kinda figure it will work just fine but i have noticed that lifts for these are very exspensive and the biggest i could find was a 4 inch and for some resone its not the same as a ranger or bronco II lift i would have thought they would be in the same catagory. and info to why there not.
Re: bronco II lift on a 93 explorer

pics ;D is it that the exploded is heavier , wider, longer . i no nothing about the explorer frame but may be the differences there? one would think that if the explore parts can go into the ranger bronco 2 that vices versa would apply.the thing to do would be put both units side by each and make note of the diff in the two good q i would be interested in the answer
sorry i cant find any pics of what i am talking about i remember seeing somthing about it on therangerstation in the tech section but i cant find it now, but it should work.
From the research I've done; the better lifts wont go over 4" because they feel that lift brackets that deep are too weak, instead they cut and turn the beams to gain lift. ie. desert racers, prerunners.
The notch is probably clearance for the pumpkin, but not having done one , am not sure. I've seen pics with problems clearance between lift bracket extension and pumpkin when reusing original pivot bracket. Most but not all aftermarket brackets seem to have been designed to take this into account.
Your b-II lift springs probably won't provide as much lift in the exploder.
you eplained it exactly, i agree on the springs you will need to run spacers to level it out.
ya i figure the springs would be about 2 inch's short but i could get some 8 inch springs to make up for that or get something diferent and where and how do you flip and cut the axle's i think ive seen this in the past but i cant remember.
all that you gotta do is flip the spring perch to the top of the axel. you take off the one that is on it however you may like then put a new one on the other side, you can get new pertches from 4wheelparts for like $40 I think not that hard to do. you just gotta make sure that they are on at the correct angle so your pinion angle is correct for the lift.
oh i thought you where talking about the front ttb axle not the rear i have done that several times on the rear.
it should fit i just found a 91 with the back of the roof cut off and a 6" superlift and 35"bfg i want to get
i think it will be ok she said that they have a loan on it and there going to pay it off and then see what the junk yard will give her and she will sell it to me for that price i would compare parts but its about 20-25 miles away from where i live so ill have to wait. i would like to see about 8 inch's out of it and 35's so i might just have to build some brackets and use jeep front spring's if there taller i believe the xj spring are quit a bit taller if i remember right.
so whats the word on it
lol they said it blew up and wont run yesterday he wonts to buy my ranger now but he wonts to make payment's, i dont like payments. but anyway i dont need another project that dont run right now so ill most likely sell him my ranger and drive my dodge to work every day and focus on getting the bronco going again.
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