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broken lift bracket

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so I was woundering if I needed to put ball joints in my truck the other day so I was having a friend move the steering wheel back and forth while I watched all the steering linkage move to see if there was any slop and i saw that my entire passanger side TTB axel was moving!!!!. then I noticed that my passanger side lift bracket was broken all the way through on one off the pieces of 3/8" metal that drops down to the axel. and the other piece was starting to TARE!!!. needless to say the bracket was off in ten mins and I was fixing it and reinforcing it so that it wont happen again. and by the end of the day the danger was all back together and driving fine, exept that now it needs an alignment. its not bad but I want to be safe not sorry. the other day was the 4rth of july lol. I will get some pics of the bracket all back on and installed posted up soon.
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That's crazy! Good thing you found it when you did!
Good catch :exclaim: :exclaim: I'd like to see pics too.
The TTB lift brackets have a reputation for breaking there. Thats why expensive kits have cast pass drop brackets and gusseted driver bracket. I added gussets to mine before I ever bolted them on

ya it is hella strong now. i am going to gusset the drivers side one up when i do the D35 TTB swap
i'd sell u a d44 ttd for 60 bucks if u were closer lol
i would get it either way but i dont want to shorten it to make it fit.
Yeah, that's the only bad thing about the D44 TTB... If I remember correctly, there is a way to use parts of the axle to beef up the D35... I think the outers and knuckles, but I'm not 100% sure.
i have hear that from someone else to i will look into it in the future. and keep you all posted. it sounds like a good idea tho.
i have got to see this where be our pics brother shadow
Mate buy some decent replacement bracket unless you are pro in modding.
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