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Hi everyone.
This is my first post concerning my Ranger.
I found the same question I want to ask you all on another site but it was never answered. I'm really hoping members here can help me so I can also let the OP know also. His/her question is as follows:

"I have a 91 ford ranger and when you hit the brakes real hard,as if someone pulled in front of you the brakes lockup.You have to put it in rearvse and give it the gas and hit the pedal to get them to unlock. Does any one know a solution for this? the ABS light is not on."

This is a major health risk for everyone. They locked up on me a couple times but luckly, very luckly I didn't hurt myself or anyone else.
This is my primary ride and I'm in such a hurry to get this fixed I didn't even introduce myself yet.

My name is Jaime, I live in the Central Valley now. I was scared of the drivers around here but now I'm afraid of myself on the road.

Thanks in advance.
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