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Brake systems are a simple yet critical vehicle component. Here are some warning signs that say its time to replace brake pads before it's too late:

* Squealing brakes
* Squishy or spongy brake pedals
* Pumping brake pedals
* Wheel grabs
* Pulling to one side or the other
* Brakes that won't release after pushing the pedal
* Brake pedal suddenly goes hard
* Grinding noise while braking

When inspecting drum brakes, also look for signs of leaking brake fluid.

What causes brake dust?

Dark or damp brake dust can mean wheel cylinder or axle seal failure, Warning! Never reinstall worn brake components of any kind for re-use.

PartSource carries nothing but the highest quality brake parts and components. You'll find high performance brakes, disc brake conversion kits, performance brake pads, stainless steel brake lines, brake cleaner, silicone brake fluid and more.

Get your braking power under control with drum to disc brake conversion kits. Restore it back to 100% with drum brake or brake caliper rebuild kits from PartSource.

Why Inspect And When To Replace Car Brakes

Worn brake shoes can dramatically reduce the stopping power of your vehicle. Ignoring worn brake shoes can lead to more expensive repairs such as grooved brake drums that will have to be replaced or require changing front disc brake pads.

Worn rear brake shoes will also accelerate front brake front pads and disc wear causing a low brake pedal, delayed braking response and increased braking distances.

Specialized yet relatively inexpensive tools are available at PartSource, making the job easier than ever before. Some are available FREE of charge! Check with your Parts Pro or the in-store services like Mitchell On Demand for information on other important car care projects.
A few things before you begin

In case you need them, you can always find free print outs of specific vehicle instructions and torque specifications from Mitchell on Demand at your local PartSource store.

Everything you need for this job can be found at your local PartSource store. Ask a Parts Pro about what you'll need for the job. It's better to have extra spare parts ready for anything that might need to be replaced. The last thing you want to do, is go shopping when you have the car up on the jack.

When taking parts apart, be organized. Keep similar parts together in a safe place where they won't get lost and layout parts in a way that will allow you to put them back in the same order.
Make Safety Your Top Priority

Every vehicle is different. When it comes to maintenance and repairs, always follow the vehicle's owner's manual.

Safety should be your number one priority. Don't smoke, drink alcoholic beverages, or wear a necktie while working on the car. Watch out for hot objects, sharp instruments, hazardous materials and other potential safety hazards in and around your workspace.

Don't work with a Philips when the job calls for flat. Substituting tools can compromise your safety or a vehicle's performance.

Finally, when the fun turns to frustration, or if the job requires specialized knowledge beyond your capabilities, please do not attempt it yourself. Talk to a Parts Pro or seek the assistance of a professional mechanic or installer. The last thing we want is someone getting hurt.

How to remove and install disc and drum brakes?

Remember: Improperly assembled brakes can be dangerous. This job requires the use of your vehicle's repair manual.BRAKE PADS

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