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Big Block Ranger?

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Anyone here ever try a Ranger with a big block? IMO the 385 Series engnes are the best ever made. I'm currently building an EFI 429 for my 1990 SASed Supercab.
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thanks for making an acount man now u need some pics of ur sweet truck
1st welcome
2nd We love pics
3rd Haven't done it myself
4th Love the 370/429/460
yes that is a good looking truck. and welcome to the site lets see some picture..
sweet ive seen one with 390 and one with a 460 there pritty sweet.
it took me like forever to convince him to join lol
that blue ranger is a memeber
yea he just joined thats his truck he is on my facebook he's in canada
It is a super nice truck too
Thanks guys for the comments on my truck. I'll give you a little rundown on it. It's a 1990 Ranger Supercab 4wd. Came with a 2.9L/Auto. Absolutely rediculously underpowered. I know where there is a 4.0L and a 5.0L and a cummins 4BT. So I debated each one. Then I came across 3 websites. , and Soooooooo I hunted down a 1971 429 from a Lincoln. Basic D1VE block with D0VE-C heads. Apparently has 365HP stock. I ripped it apart and am currently rbuilding it. I have Eagle H-Beam rods, Diamond custom SCJ forged pistons and a Comp Cams 274H cam. To top off the engine I have the New Kaase SCJ heads and an Edelbrock Victor manifold. I hate carbs, so I picked up an AEM EMS and related sensors. 1290cfm 4 barrel throttle body to let the air in. According to desktop dyno I should be somewhere in the mid 500HP range and torque will be close to 600ft/lb. Which causes a small problem... How in the hell will the stock ranger drivetrain hold up to that? Only one solution: F-350 ZF 5-speed and a Ford 9" / Dana 44 axle set from a Full size '79 Bronco. Sounds like a simple solution right? Wrong. Stay away from the bronco axle.. Go with the F150 front axle so you can cut the C-wedges and make it adjustable. As of right now, my truck has cost me $3500 CAD (not including engine/tranny). That's less than most kids spend on stupid ass rims for their crappy civics. Hahaha. Red Demon II wants me to post up what I've done to help others out. So what I will do is make a separate post in each of the sections. That way it won't be one huge thread that you have to search through.
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Welcome aboard! Pretty sick truck you have there!

I'm about to finish up my SAS in the near future as well!

I'm using a Waggy front axle and will be welding the wedges on myself. ;D
thanks man i know people will benifit from it and i'm glad u made an acount
Yes indeed, I am glad you made an account too. The 429 is my fav engine, I ran a stock one transplanted in a '68 Torino. Got 17 mpg and did 105 mph at the end of the 1/4 [street, never timed at track]. I remember winning 95 % of the time ;). Anyways, back to you. I hope you do a detailed write up with pics, cause you never know, I might follow in your footsteps, I know some one else will. I'd prob try to do 2wd to make it simpler [cause I'm a little simpler :D]. Good luck,
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