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in ur mind which is better

best or worst tire brand

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let people know what u prefer and voice what u think is the best out there and y. u can pick three tire brands.
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Im running goodyears due to low prices but from my experiences with different cars and tires I will always go with BRIDGESTONE!!! Love the Revo Dueler tires!
did u put that in the poll olford lol
sweet i know there is one of these best worst things already but i thought a poll would be a nice add on and get people to interact some more lol
well i dont know much about tires but from my experience on this site i think most people like the BFG's and my friend who drives a blazer is always talking about his mickey thomson tire so i chose those to lol
Dick Cepeks cause I loved never gettig stuck, and BFG cause they rode nice.
i aint ever been stuck with my BFG KM2's they rock the next tire i want to try after these are mickey baja claws
I love my goodyear duratracs that are on my truck right now. They have gone everywhere in the snow that I have wanted them too and then some.
i've heard great things about those duratracs i sold quite afew when i worked at belle tire
um i think your missing one very important tire brand intergo super swamper
lol those are a whole diff tire lol those are god tires i had to make it fair for these tires and interco tires are all amazing so none of these would stand a chance lol if u know what i mean ;)
ok then Goodyear and BFG :mad:
well u know what i said is true about the interco brand
oh ya definetly no dout about it
so there for it would be unfair lol my next tires are gonna be 33 12.50 r15 baja claws or 33 10.50 15 boggers
very nice
do u think boggers would look nice on my truck?
um bogger's are pritty gross do you like the look they give the inside of you nose :D
hahahaha very funny lol not but really lol what do u think
1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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