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Alright so i got my uncle to hook me up!! He got a bedliner today in his 04 F150 lariat and it looks great. Its just like a rhino liner, kind of rubbery but not too much and has a good amount of texture to it so things wont slide. Since i just got my truck not too long ago he told me he would pick up my baby monday and have it done later that afternoon!
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Sounds good! It was put on mine 2 days after we bought it as part of the deal with the Ford dealership. Its some strong stuff and looks good too! Post them pics up when you are done!
Nice man! What is the name of the stuff? Is it Line-X?
Oh yeah, forgot to ask him that! duh! lol
No its not x-line, its gunna get done at a ford dealership im pretty sure but i dont think its the ford spray in. Ill just have to post some pics if and when i get it cuz i really like the look and texture of it alot.
i looooooove my liner in my bed and on my sides of my truck lol
The Ford dealership here had it done at a local shop called Combat spray in. They did a good job on mine.
ill take some tomorrow. Dont have any on my computer right now.
thats cool man i'll take pics of my bed liner and side liner lol
i haz the linx liner and i hav only had trouble with it ince and line x fixed it for free. liftime waranty
they didnt clean the bed of the truck before they sprayed the liner so after it had gotten hot outside it decided that it didnt want to stick anymore, and then I had a engine hoist in the bed and one of the sharp edges on it scraped it up when I pulled it out both times they fixed it for free.
I was but as long as they fixed it for free then I am happy.
yes thats true but i'd still be mad they didn't do it right the first time
hey red demon, on your sider liner..i'm assuming its like mine where it sticks up above the bed?

I like the way it looks but I've been contemplating taking them off so I can put a bed cover on it so I can start transporting my drumset and have it protected.

what is underneath those side rails? i dont want there to be huge holes or something in the bed
so where are all the pics of the bed liners
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