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Hello everybody!

I'm Maarten, i'm from Belgium so sorry for my bad english :)

A half year ago i bought a 1995 Ford Ranger 2.3L XLT. A pretty rare car as the rangers only from 1998 have been introduced in Europe. To get to parts it is quite a job, let alone obtain information about this car.
The pick-up is equipped with an LPG installation, so the car can run on both gasoline and gas, but the pump that was in the tank was broken, so I could only run on gas. After making this pump, the car can also run on gasoline, but shortly afterwards started the car white smoke, the engine is simmering and does not have much power, smell the exhaust gases to pure gasoline instead of burning gasoline.

Does anyone know this board?
Are the spark plugs need replacing? Is there a problem with the carburetor? Is the head gasket broken? there is an error in the electronics?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards, Maarten
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