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axle swap

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now ive been thinking and im tired of having independ suspention. besides choping of the whole independ system what else needs to be changed to do this?
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well it depends on what suspension set up your after leaf springs or coils. and what axle type your going to use.
Very true cvalcore...

There are loads of options for our trucks. Including but not limited to:

Wagoneer D44 (80-88 w/o Vacuum Disconnect)
Early Bronco D44 (70-77)
Jeep Rubicon D44 (Not exactly sure on years)

There are also some D30's that could work, but you will just end up swapping it to a D44 eventually anyways...
....theres always that option of fullwidth d60s..... jus sayin lol
Fullwidths are great for highway driving. I love mine. The ranger was always a bit shakey at 100+kmh and a bit of wind. But ever since I put on the full width Bronco axles, she feels great on the highway.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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