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Members will nominate the people who they think have the best of the best for the award that is posted in a thread. One nomiation per award per member please. Members my nominate their own rigs. After half a week of nominations a poll will be posted of the nominies and members will vote in the poll and the winner will get a award from Arctic that will go into their sigs if they so desire and it will also be posted in a locked thread for all to see the winners. The titles will be held by members for a year. Than a new batch will be thrown into it so others get a chance to win. People can be nominated the next year. They will not all be awarded the same time. Two awards will be put out at once. Thanks if u have any questions send me a personal message.

1) Best Theme
2) Best Paint
3) Best Lifted Truck
4) Best Lowered Truck
5) Best Stock Height Truck
6) Best Custom Lighting
7) Best Custom Body Work (bumpers, hoods, etc.)
8 ) Best Custom Interior Work
9) Best Trail Rated Truck
10) Best Show Quality Truck
11) Most Attention to Detail
12) Best Sounding Truck
13) Most Performance Upgrades
14) The Truck Everyone Wants Award
15) Best Engine Compartment
16) The Most Muddy
17) Best Exterior
18) Truck with the Most Potential
19) Best Audio System
20) Best Tire and Rim Combo
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Not open for further replies.