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April 2010 ROTM - Nomination Thread!

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Well, let the nominations begin!
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Alright lets start this new month with a Nomination for dixie_boysles
The time and effort he puts in cleaning, and taking pictures of his truck is "Magazine" quality.

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You too man.
Red said:
yay ;D thanks man
no prop. man
so three nomanations who is next in the ride of the month? ? ? ?
i'll nominate Sloue

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oh no sloue is nominated lol well i know i aint going to win this month hahahahahaha ;)
You never know, and white94 you should post a updated photo, or is that the photo you like?
i nominate viking65s bronco II

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what are you talking about ya it did :rolleyes:
:D ;D
Shoot now I have to find some one to nominate?? :'(
1 - 20 of 49 Posts
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