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94 ext cab, auto, blown head gasket, 4.0 motor,body fair, 136000 mi.
Been tallying up cost of new head gasket and can buy used 4.0 around here for 250.00-400.00 witch seems to me better than pouring in the cost of repair the 4.0. (head bolts, required macihine shop work, gasket set, etc.)
i have on hand a chev 350, 1978 w/low miles and in good to excellent shape. Whattya thank? Junkyard engine or swap the v8 and forget gas milage?
Confirmed do-it-yourselfer on a tight budget. Can do the swap myself even though never tried it. Lotsa tools to get it done.
Worth the work or part the truck out AND HUNT FOR ANOTHER USED?
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