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Another new danger from washington!!

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Very nice truck! Love the lowered look with those wide tires! Very clean to! Welcome to the site! Got some general info on the truck?
Welcome to the greatest Forum ever. If you need anything ask and we shall answer. Love the truck bro!!!
Welcome from a Michigander
Hey guys thanks for the welcome!!!


4.0l 130k auto trans

intake and exhaust(one cat deleted with a magnaflow magnapack)

4/5" drop

tinted rear three windows, cd player, 10" sub

15x7 outlaw ll's up front with 215 60 15's & 15x8 outlaw ll's in the rear with 265 50 15's

Thats about it i have only had this truck a couple months so defintly more to come!
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Sweet it is definetly a nice rig!!!!
real good looking truck man 8)
Is that a lowered Ranger I see??? Yay!

Welcome to the site!
Welcome :exclaim:
welcome nice truck
Thanks for all the comments guys im glad to be a part of your forum!!!
welcome and i love the truck
Red said:
well we are glad to have u on our forum man!
yes we are
hi :laugh: welcome to the addiction. thats a clean street sweeper you have . glad to see some street guys showing up ;D
Thanks bud im an addict for life! ???
it gives me chills down my back remembering the day i bought my ranger i felt like i was the king of the world in my level II
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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