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Am I the only Droped ranger on this site yet?

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Just outta curiosity. I gotta represent lol.
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I think theres one other but as for active members im not sure... in a few years im planning on dropping mine to a sport racing style stance, likt the lightning bolt ranger... hows the ride quality and tire wear with the t-bar crank down?
You might be, but I know there are a few people on here who want to drop theirs in the future... Olford being one of them!
Yessir! It will be a while... she can ride high for a few more years!
i had one but i parted it out to finish my lifted v-8 ranger and to start my racin rager

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lol sweet im almost special. Not nescicairly in the eat glue kinda way either.

As for the ride quality its about the same maybe a little softer. as for tire ware its hard to say because i drive so hard to begine with. Now another option you have is you can take the torsion bar key and flip it and then flip the rear hanger. You will have no damper in your front ende if you do that. another option you have is convert it to coil overs. wich is almost as much money as just selling your truck and buying one you can lower properly.
ive looked at coil overs and that will be for one day very long from now when i win the lottery! I'll probably just end up torqueing it down to start out when i do it. the ride is rough as hell right now in the edge stance.

and i ate glue in in preschool so does that make me special? lol
lol I guess that only make ya speacial if you have to count to 20 with your toes these days. and I used to eat glue too lol. Elmers glue confused me I thought it was some prok biproduct so i thought it was cool to eat.
oh wow, i just ate it cuz a kid told me too. haha... i dont count to 20 with my toes... i o it with my fingers and toes! I only have 10 toes, not 20! lol
lol nice. with a comback like that I cant say that you are a retard so I think your cool lol
oh, sweet man! haha... i thought it would be a pretty good one! lol
I dont think eating glue really made anyone stupid. Although I know they stopped making rubber cement cause kids were gettin high in 4th grade lol. That would make ya stupid
they still make rubber cement bro its at walmart and k mart lol. and i had a short bus so what now lol

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You too hahahahah...
lol this is the god honest truth. Im not sayin im superior or anything here eaither. In 6th grade they made me ride the short bus to middle school for math class cause I was ahead a grade lol. So the shortbus doesnt always mean your a re re
haha, the only short bus i rode was for pre school. my city has 53 elementary schools, 14 middle schools, and 11 high schools... its a big city so we have big busses.
lol i didnt say i was re re lol i just had seven kids that lived out by me so we didnt need the big bus

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haha... lovin the re re phrase! lol
i lowered one. ;D
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