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I am after some advice, my husband and i have a Ford Ranger, Wildtrack, 2016, 3.2 diesel engine that we have been told today needs a new engine!
I cannot understand why the damage is so catastropic, we received no warning that the coolant was low and there was no warning of overheatring! My husband mentioned that he had to put coolant in a week last Thursday after googling why the heater was blowing out cool air and as a result he topped the coolant up immediatly. The next day the same thing happended, (no warning light that coolant was low) the heater startedblowing out cool air and there was white smoke coming from the exhaust. My husband topped the coolant up again and called our local Ford garage. He was advised that we needed to take it on a long run as the short runs was not allowing the engine to warm up properly hence the white smoke.
The next day we followed his advice and took the car on a long run, no issues, no warning light, there was white smoke coming from the exhauset but this disappeared after five minutes. When we returned home and my husband started the car to nip out, this time there was a smell of burning and lots of smoke from the exhaust plus juttering. He immediatly turned the engine off and called the AA.
After carrying out some diagnositc testing and the garage calling Ford, the garage have informed us that we need a new engine. My initial question is why the coolant warning lights never came on and the enginge temperature never showed now inidication of overheating.
If anyone can offer some advice I would be very grateful as feeling very sick at the thought of the cost which is yet to be confirmed
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