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96 lifted v-8 ranger BNT style

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ok im not sure how to start cuz im kinda all over the place on this guy so ill try and organize it as i go. so sit back grab a drink and hope you enjoy it.

it started out like this for the most part at this point i did some work on the inside and aftermarket wheels and tires.

this was good for 9999 horse power its crazy how much vinyl stickers can do.
this is were i did the procomp lift kit. it said it would take five hours to install with all the right tools and atleast two ppl that know what to do. i installed it with all hand tools (plus a grinder for the rivits) with me and two helpers with no exp in six hours.


YOU CAN ALSO SEE I CUT THE BUMPER. i cut a tire jumping while using 33" tires so off with the ends on the bumper my friends

after lifting it i did have funn in the mudd but needed some better sounds and more modes. to start off i pulled the jumper seats and started to fab some new speaker mounts in the back of the cab.

as you can see i also cut out the center of the dash leading to a custom center console.

EDIT 12/15/09
in search of more power and that kick ass sound you get from a cold air intake i decided to try and build one. now i got the sound but cant really tell if any hp was gained but it looked good and cost me like $60 bucks to build.

so after some driving i found some problems with the air intake the filter is suckin in water. now one might not worry about that unless you live in wa cuz it always rains here i cut up the fatory air box and used it as a shield as you can see from this next pic.

at this point i had to install an 8.8 out of a 97 crown vic it has 3.27. i wish it had a l/s and atleast 4.10 but **** happens and i got this for $100 so i take what i can get. here you can also see i has an extra leaf in the pack from a chevy non the less. the result of this was about 3.5" of lift and a ride that i felt was perfect for towing or empty bed driving.

so after this i pulled the bed sides. the 8.8 is 3" wider than the stock ranger 7.5 so i had to keep the tires covered and i love the sides pulled on the bed so it worked out for me.

here it is getting ready for a trip to ca. put the topper on and filled it with all the stuff i could fit in it.

so this is where it gets sad. after getting to ca i let here sit for a few months until igot a call from a friend asking me to take his lil girl offroading. well i did and the ranger liked it alot this time cuz she rolled over with excitement.

so after this it sat for a month or so until i decided what i wanted to do so i got a roof off of a 93 mazda to fix it.
as you can see the guy that did the job messed up the whole truck to the point that i could not repair it. the dash had holes burnt into it. the driver side was off set 1/4 and the passager side was off by 3/8 of an inch. this guy could of done it right but rushed it and turned my baby into a waste of time and money.

so now i had to start over and this is what i did.

this was just the beginning of the new ranger first off was another cab and bed. i bought a whole truck minus motor/trans.

now this is where all the funny really started to happen. after rolling it i figured it was not tall this is the start to a body mount lift. the p/a body lift was 1 not tall enuff and 2 i dont like the longer weaker bolts you have to use. so what to do how about 5" of lift using 1/4" plate steel.

i used the floor of the old cab to set the mounts.

this is after i got the mounts welded on and painted

ill post more pics have to go work and ill be out of town for a week so ill try and get on while gone laterz

p.s. tell me what you guys think.

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your going to add more stickers.. what kind of stickers??? The back windows look like they need some
haha... no, he's going to add more pictures later.
I want pictures! haha... looks good man! Ive got a few stickers of my own... custom stickers that is! lol
that bnt sticker is one i design for my car club really its just an off font nothing special but still my work. and ill have more pics up tonight it was late last night and photobucket was messing up.

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excuses, excuses... do work son! lol

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ok i added a ton of pics it took me hours guys hit me up let me know what you think i will add more pics asap. thanks alot guys have a good week.

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wow, looks awesome!!! Lots of work put into it! When do you think youll have it finished?
haha, one of those projects then eh? lol
can you tell me how you pulled them bed side's out like that maybe some pic's.
wow just wow . that s gutting it out . nice job
thats sick man i love the bed sides post some pics of how u did that or even right it here but all in all man looks sick
cvalcore said:
can you tell me how you pulled them bed side's out like that maybe some pic's.
I was going to ask the same thing. And where did you get the new body mounts?
fist off the body mounts are not new i just cut off the mounts and made ext out of 1/4 inch steel and welded them back on. as for the bed side by mon i will post that up for a how too guys thanks for the sweet words i love my ranger lol. its been ongoing for awhile and no help is making it take longer plus the v-8 motor trub

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this is a realy cool build , it sucks that i flipped tho.
ya bro it was my baby but im reusing all the parts i can from the rolled ranger the doors glass seats you name it if i could in some way reuse it i am lol

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what happened to the pics on how you flared the bed side's
Man, you weren't kidding about having a major project, didn't know it was going to be a total rebuild. Hope you can get the v8 part mounted in as the body goes back together.

Got my truck out for the first time after 4 months in the garage. minor corrosion control to the frame caused me to go berserk with the sander and paint. Found that a dremel tool grinder wheel can put an original surface back on the 2nd gear, really smooth shifting and won't have to worry about snapping this one in half.
1 - 20 of 112 Posts
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