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95 to 04 Conversion?

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Well, I been looking to change the front end of my truck. I came across this one post on a site, that interested me a lot. I was wondering, what would it take to make the conversion possible? I have a lot of plans for my 95, but I first wanted to learn as much as I can before starting on the path.

Heres the 93 to 04 Conversion
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PlumCrazy said:
I believe any 98+ core support will work
I believe you are correct sir!

You will also need a 98+ Hood Latch
Very true! These parts aint free! ;D
My truck is a 97 with an 03 bumper. The bumper has to be modified a little bit, but it's not too awful hard, just make some angle brackets to attach it.

What type of lift you looking to go for?
That's what was on my truck in my avatar pic. I had 2" front coil spacers too.

Mine is currently torn down undergoing a solid axle swap... Gonna try and get 'er done before this summer.
I thought about swapping the front end a while back, but decided against it. I went with the black projector headlights and the bumper swap and couldnt be happier!

I'll try to get a pic of the brackets soon!
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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