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Hi everyone,
I recently bought a 1991 Ranger. It's a great truck and a lot of fun to drive, but I'm looking to head to Missouri in a year or so, and will be needing some extra utility to assist in the homestead projects out there. I'm hoping to run a few things by you all and get a little advice.

First, a quick run-down on the truck's history: 103k original miles, 1 previous owner; an old man who recently passed. It was his "pet truck" according to his wife who I bought it from. Spent its whole life being towed behind an RV and used as a town car wherever they traveled to. The only modification that was made from stock is that they installed a system where you can pull a lever to dis-engage the drive-train entirely, allowing for easier towing. Nifty, but not a thing I have too much interest in. When not being used, it lived in a garage and was regularly maintained. I have all the service records etc, they really took good care of the thing.

Here are somethings I've noticed, and things i'm thinking about:

1) Acceleration feel sluggish, particularly up hills. Possibly the catalytic converter? I'm thinking I'll replace that before my move out East, but are there other things I should check, before investing in that work? Also, is it a relatively easy job for a newbie, or should I outsource it to someone who knows things? I should also add, the speedo displays about 5 mph over what the truck is actually moving at. I verified this with a roadside digital speed checker. Speedo says 45, the device displays 40. Is this related to the catalytic converter or the drive-train mod? Or something else? Is it a big deal, aside from being a minor nuisance?

2) I'm wanting to do a 3" suspension lift, and welcome any comments/advice regarding how to go about this, or preferred tire sizes after such a lift. My aim is to improve hauling ability for heavier loads. Is this the right tree to be barking up, or should I go in another direction? Is that even plausible? It has a pretty flat and low profile right now, so I figure a lift can't hurt. I don't plan to do any hardcore off-road stuff, but definitely uphill on a (recently-made) easement road.

3) Anything else you might be able to think of?

Thanks for any and all comments, I really appreciate it!
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