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8.8 spring perches

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I need help on what to buy from performance accessories.

[SHOCK PIN - EACH SP- 2500 Bitmap]
What is this?

SPRING PERCHES Is the size bases on axle width? which one will i need? These are all for ford? anyone know if the hole size will be right?

1-3/4" SPRING PERCH SP0175 Bitmap
2" SPRING PERCH SP0200 Bitmap
2-1/2" SPRING PERCH SP0250 Bitmap

If this is really confusing i can re-word.
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lol it is a lil confusing but for the pirch you just need one the width of your springs and also has to be the same radius as the axle tube. for the shocks depends on how you want to mount the shocks

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You can make perches out of some some 2.5x2.5 box really easy. You can also reuse your old shock mounts if you take your time cutting them off.
Yea i saw the ones you made, what tools will i need?

That is all the information pa gave me. I dont even know if they will fit my axle.
I used a torch to cut the semi circle out of the perches. I cut it small then used a grinder to clean it up and make it look nice. I just used a 4.5 angle grinder w/ a cutting wheel to take of the shock mounts.
Great sounds easy enough.
thats what i did for my shocks too but i just bought perches

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theres hardware stores around here that have springs perches.. check somehwere like that
hardware stores have them wtf
They carry them for trailer axles, normally they are for 2.5 -3 axles and narrow springs.
ooooo ok i was thinkin wtf why would they have truck parts but i have seen the trailer parts there a lil different
well my hardware stores sell them for truck too they got a big selection of car parts and spring perches are there
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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