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5r55e behind 4.0L OHV

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Does anybody know if the 5r55e will bolt up behind the 4.0 OHV? I am also assuming that the PCM will have to be swapped as well. The reason I ask is because my trans is starting to act up and why not replace it with something better.
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what does your Ranger have now? I thought that's what I had... LOL
You have a 4R55E. A 5R55E will bolt to a 4.0 OHV. You dont have to switch PCM's. The extra gear in the 5R is actually achieved by splitting 1st and 2nd. If you look 2-3-4 in a 4R are same as 3-4-5 in a 5R. In other words when you put the 5R in your 4R's place it will shift the same as you 4R. I have heard it shifts better if you tweek the line pressure up a little (there a torx screw that can be adjusted if the pan is removed.) If you are light on the gas regular 5R will skip 2nd. The other big difference between the two trannies the fact that all the thrust washers but one in the 4R are replaced by thrust bearings in the 5R. The only thing that needs to replaced/ changed is the neutral safety switch.
Ah, gotcha... I knew it was something like that... LOL

Good info Plum!
I figured you would pitch in Plumcrazy. You seem to know everything about ranger trans. Really good info to know. Also nice to know the pcm is compatible between both trans. I looked up the ratios and I figure the extra gear will help with towing a little bit. Its interesting that the trans will skip second under light load.

With the neatral safety switch, you're refering to the switch that makes you put on the brake to change gears right? I think of a neatral switch with manual trans and having the clutch pedal depressed to start the car.
The 5R will only shift through four gears when used with the 4R PCM. It will skip "2nd" so it will be just like the 4R. But the PCM for the 5R is not plug in play in a Gen III Ranger, so you will still have the advantage of the heavier trans with bearings, but will still only be a 4 speed.
The neutral safety switch is the switch that makes it so the truck can only start when its out of gear.
Gotcha. Do you know what mods need to be done to get the 5 speed to work properly?
Will the transfer case/ tailhouseing extension bolt up to the 5-speed? After doing some research, some 97 Rangers have the 5 speed behind the 4.0 OHV. So I am thinking maybe finding a computer from a 97 and putting a 5-speed in.
Hi Plum...
I'm newly registered with and after reading many of the forums, I noticed you seem to be very well educated on the rangers. I'm hoping you can answer a question for me...I've gotten a 5r55e trans for my 96 ranger that has a 4r55e. I understand the principals of the install and the outcomes. however; I've been trying to find a forum on converting the PCM from the 4r and the 5r are not plug n' play. My question is...Can the 4r PCM plug be rewired to fit the 5r PCM? In essence...are the pins and plugs adaptable if the fins were reconfigured to fit the 5r? Electrical schematic's and diagrams are something I'm well adapted in, I just havent seen theses PCM's to look at the plug design or pin count. Thank you for any help you can offer me. It's my understanding that you've been a blessing to many of the people on this forum. Nice to know there's still some good guys in this world. Thanks agian...ROB
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