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i have either the 4r44e or the 4r55e transmission it has the rear sensor so i think it is the 4r55e but i need to know what fluid goes into it? i just got the truck a week ago and they guy said when it gets cold it shifts hard and the od like comes on. after it warms up it is ok. so trying to be proactive i decided to find out what was going on so i dropped the pan and found 4 sensors i asked here which one caused that but no answers so i just did a filter change using mercon v and when i lowered the truck and tried to drive it out the garage it did not want to move. so thinking i was on some ice i gunned it. it did move and then would not move forward. i did not drive it far just out of the garage. anyway i fond it was low on fluid so i refilled it and still it would not go forward or reverse.

when i took the pan off i did not see any metal the magnet has junk on it but that looks normal and the fluid did not smell burnt but was a dark gray. i figured it was never changed hence the color.

so i took the trans out as mentioned above and now it is in pieces. i still don't see much wrong the bans still have friction of the od the 2-3 and the f-r i have not taken the pack apart yet just in case i have a good system. the pump looks good no wrong teeth or wear on the side plates. the valve body did not have the blown out gasket that Hiram talked about in his video.

i'm just going to install a new master kit being i have it down. but tell me did the mercon v fluid cause that slipping? i know fluids can cause weird things they do the the chrysler lebaron transmissions. thanks
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