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3.0 v6 no oil preasure?

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i recently bought a 99 ranger with the 3.0 v6 in it well it has been running mint up untill today 12/8/09 i go out to come home from work and theres no oil preasure the check engine is on and the check gauges lights on?it drove fine with no problems at all no ticks or anything then on my way home it started to tick a little bit but not much what could possibly be wrong with has 98k on it im me pcrawford22690 or message me on here -pat
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The oil pressure sending switch is a common problem on Rangers. Of course, you don't really know if that's what's causing the gauge to drop or if it's real. I'd get it swapped out pronto. It is not too expensive and simply screws into the block with a dab of sealant on the threads.

On your 3.0L, the sending switch is in the block behind the PS cylinder head - hard to see from above. Go in through the wheel well and push the rubber splash shield out of the way for a better view. The wire to it is dark green/white.

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there is one thing else you said it started to tick after you where almost home. if it was just the gauge it would not have ticked at all so start with the sender and an after market gauge but if it keeps tickin it could be the oil pump and if its the oil pump then its a pain in the azzzzz

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ya it was ticking pretty bad it at the dealership where i bought it from but idk he will warente it bc he was a jerk to me in the first place but if he doesnt fix it is it easy to do my self the switch or the oil pump??
hold on... so your truck is making a ticking/ tapping sound? Mines doing the same while running and all... i wonder if mine could be similar.
My old 99 2.5L Ranger made a weird ticking sound too... turns out it was the A/C Compressor... that wouldnt explain the low oil pressure though... LOL
damn, now im wondering what the hell my ticking/ tapping sound could be... been stuck on the thought of valve lifters or loose rockers.
yup it just started man idk wtf is going on but im bulshit and im afraid of what the dealership is going to tell me i don't want to here "we arent fixing it" or u miss used your truck bc i'll fucking flip but yea u start it up and it ticks like a fucking son of a bitch but my ac compressor is bran new so idk whats wrong please im me pcrawford22690 please the one with the yellow ranger -pat
ok boss man the ac problem means its low on freeeon or coolant. to see if it is low, start the truck and make sure the ac is off (or turn on the heater). than open the hood and look at the ac compressor if it kicks on and off you need to charge it up (if you cant or dont want to just unplug it. if you dont it does cost you some for the tapping make a small video of it. i can tell better if i hear and see it

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just got a phone call from the dealership the lower end of my motor blew replacing it with one with 66,000 miles on it and the ac i unplugged it all ready and it gave me some mpg so thats sick new motor and 4x4 system bc that **** out as well lol thanks for all of you guys hel-p i appreciate pcrawford22690 if you want to talk on aim
That's crazy! I was way off with the A/C compressor... LOL
lol nah man i appreciate all your efforts in helping me the dealership got one with 66,000 miles on it with a 3.0 flex fuel as well so thats good news man thanks for the help
sweetttttttttttttttttt so did you not put oil in it or did the pump got out

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no it had plenty of oil in it it was the oil pump that **** out then the cause of that from what i understand caused a seal to break then did some **** to te inside of the motor which caused the lower end to blow so it sucks but a brandy new one will be installed and i'll have my truck back by Thursday fucking sickkkkkkk
you need to get on them pics we feeenin for some pics bro lol and while your there do a lil something something with that profile lol

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do a lil something something with that profile lol
haha, tell 'em BADINTEN!
lmfao as soon as i get er back guy she is the shop getting a new motor so when she returns she will get pics and idk how to update my profile lmfao lol ahahahaha
To update the profile go to the "Profile" link at the top of the page. Once you are on your profile page, scroll all the way down to the bottom... Down there there is a link that says "Ultimate Profile". This is where you change all sorts of stuff and fill things in... the link above that, i think, is "My Pictures". Uploading into that will display pics on your profile.

Not get to work son! haha
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