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3.0 ranger gain by Redshad

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if you want to get some serious easy gains out of a 3.0L Vulcan engine, you can take the manifold and throttle body of a 3.0L DOHC Ford escape motor and it will add some extra pony's, add that with a Jet programmer and your talkin 2-3 seconds of your quarter time.
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how many hp are we talkin about for just the head and throttle body
who has the time slips to back this up. also what are the differences between the two intakes
u will have to ask redshad he was the one who said it all in a diff post but i put it into it's own post and put a sticky on it
see the problem with making this a stick is there is not alot of info to back it up. if its not true then ppl taking a look at this site will call bull **** and talk crap about us
i have sent him messages and stuff but he aint been on
ya i did too but no replys
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