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Hi all,
I have a 3.2l diesel Wildtrak auto with 5000 miles. All has been well until we started to pull a 5th wheel camper which is 3.5 tonnes (8000lbs). It started off OK but on inclines and under load (prob running about 3000-3500rpm) after about ten-fifteen minutes from setting off the engine judders, hesitates then starts to lose power, gradually slowing and will not rev above 2000rpm leaving us at about 20mph. Idling in nuetral when the limits revs to 2000rpm as well. Leaving the engine off for 10-15 minutes seems to clear the issue but after a further 10 minutes driving the problem reappears. No warning lights on dash at all. Without the trailer on the truck runs perfectly and the problem cannot be replicated.

We called out the recovery service and they plugged in their tablet but the engine was showing no fault codes. A visit to ford has confirmed this and I cannot replicate the issue to the ford dealer as they arent interested in coming for a ride with the camper in tow.

It has just had its first service but this did not resolve the issue.
Adblue is full.
Fuel was bought from mainstream filling stations and we have tried with full tanks from different stations.

One ford dealer said that it sounds like the EGR system is trying a regen (as it will be hot and higher revs) and because it is under heavy load it cannot do it then it reduces engine power. Another ford dealer said this is not the case as it would throw a warning light.

I would be really grateful if anyone could suggest any possible causes or even some more tests to try as we seem to be on our own now that Ford have shrugged their shoulders!


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