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2016 ranger 3.2. Traction control l abs issue

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Afternoon each
?weird Saturday for me .had my ranger for a year never missed a beat just turned 100k mileage
Towed a boat 200miles. Non issue. But ! the second I unplugged the light board. All he'll broke loose. Abs and traction control lights on and in limp mode
I am a mechanic n not an average one neither .I have a snap on diagnostic kit updated softwAre to 2019; let's me reset it and clear fault . Few miles down the road t's back. Been told its a conflict with my aftermarket led light kit.n std trailer lights
Disconnected the trailer wiring harness from the plug. Done BCM reset . Had battery off over night . N stil! It's there

Any suggestions greatly appreciative. It was fine untill I unplugged the light board
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts