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I have a 2012 ranger with 2.2 diesel engine.
150.000km. Its hard to start when engine has been cold. Sometimes i will have to crank it 15 times before it fires up, and sometimes it starts on 2:nd attempt. When it has been running i can start it again with no problems.

OBD2 with FORScan most often gives a Clean check, but after failing to start it says ”no signal from crancase sensor”. I belive its due to start failure. See no connection to startability, since it fires up just fine when newly driven?

It has an electric engine heater fitted, but when i use it, it does not make the car start easier.

I have changed the glowplugs for new ones, i have cleaned the intake manifold, changed filters and oil. The battery is good (engine crank is powerful and battery gives 12,volts)

Im thinking it must be related to fuel system, do you guys have any ideas on what to do?
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