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After changing headlight bulbs and light related fuses on my Ranger and still no luck turning headlight bulbs on I took truck to mechanic (not Ford mechanic). Though I have still have high beans and all other lights (signal, small lights, break lights, etc/ ) my mechanic said the reason my headlights won't come on is the "Smart Junction Box" is corroded and needs to be replaced.

That's the good news. The bad news is my mechanic say to replace (after ordering part/junction box through Ford) will cost $500. Total. And then it gets worse. Mechanic said he contacted Ford and was told right now they don't stock smart junction boxes for my truck and have no idea when they will. When I tried to pin a time line down, mechanic said he had really has no idea when Ford would ship junction part. He mentioned another Ford order he put in took nine months.

So I'm thinking of going directly to Ford and find out how much junction box cost, and then install charge and then how long to wait for part. Anyone else have this crazy issue to their Ford Truck? $500 is insane for a light issue and I've already spent $40 on bulbs and $64 on truck inspection with first mechanic. I guess I could call a few junk yards in area but feel I'm taking a risk, since replacement part could go bad and have no warranty.
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