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I am considering buying a 2003 Ranger. 2.5 l step side. Standard. A good friend owns it and selling it. 145k. Very clean AZ Truck. Well kept. The issue with it is the fuel injectors need to be replaced. When you start it , it runs like ****. Misfires . Sounds like its gonna blow. Hes got an estimate from his mechanic that's says it needs fuel injectors and both sensors replaced. I went over and compression tested it - All all 4 cylinders are above 185 psi. He says it's good to go otherwise. I'm 99% on buying it for 2k and fixing it.
I've done injectors on my 4.0 Jeep and that job sucked bad. Lots of work. My questions are:
Is this 2.3l difficult to replace the injectors on? Looks easier but ya never know.
2. Are these good trucks?
Is $2000 good deal?
I have a 93 Mustang w. A 2.3L and I love it.
Thank you much!
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