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The cooling fan on my customers Ranger is running all the time, even after a t-stat replacement. Took it into a dealer my customers have never been to before & they suggested replacing the waterpump, & timing cover gasket: very pricey recommended repairs. No visible anti-freeze leaks under the engine--had a very bad coolant leak last week & had it fixed--$700 intake manifold gasket repair OBDSTAR X-100 PRO. My customers was surprised that the dealership my customers have been taking it to didn't spot the issues with the waterpump or timing cover gasket.

Also, noticed a noise coming from the engine during turns 2 days after getting the intake gasket fixed. Pulled over and checked out the engine: the ps fluid was below the dipstick, despite the check that the Ford technician did (checked off ps fluid as fine on the vehicle inspection sheet).

Topped off ps fluid & added stop leak-but the fluid smells burnt. Dealer recommended replacing the ps pump, gasket, & ps pressure hose.

Do the repairs sound right for the problems my customers have described?
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