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Hi All,

I'll roll my noob intro and first tech question into one post here, my name is Rob and I have a 1994 Ranger 2wd 4cyl 5spd with a lot of use on it. I have less than a year now and I haven't really done much more than basic maintenance so far, I want to start addressing some of it's needs here, so...

1994 Ranger standard cab, 5 speed, 2.3L, standard column (no tilt), wish to god I had a proper Helm Manual for it, working with a Chilton book and it describes pretty much everything I have seen on the internet via other threads/forums, youtube, etc...

Took off the steering column cover, there is no pin to depress, there is no hole in which to stick a 1/8" drill bit or release the original lock cylinder per the directions of every write up I have found so far. I have seen a few nondescript "Oh, you have to take off the steering wheel those" comments lol, I really don't want to rip the entire column apart if I don't have to, can anybody share some direction here? I'm a competent diy'er, I'll do what I have to do, just seems weird that I can't find any proper directions for this particular vehicle...

I'll try to answer a few common questions I've seen asked in other threads:

My truck does have the key release button on top of the column

It is not a tilt column vehicle

It is a manual transmission, 5 speed

it has the old style all metal key and cylinder with "ears" instead of the newish full surround that you physically turn when starting

Thanks in advance for any input, I appreciate any direction I can get here.
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