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I have the 4 liter 6 cylinder which uses the crazy quick connect on the pressure regulator. The connector was not used for very long from what I have read on line.

I replaced the regulator a while back, maybe a year ago. I assume this line is the return line.

What's crazy is how this point will leak then not leak for say six months then leak. Might be a cold morning, might be a warm morning, might be the first start of the day, might be after its been started several times in a day. There has been no consistent condition when it does leak.

Im wondering since its not constant that the sealing is adequate but is some condition making the pressure go so high it cant retain a seal? If so what could it be?

This getting very frustrating. I had to leave it this morning in a parking lot where I had planned to use the drive through but it was really pouring. I go back after work and start it and no leak!

Any ideas on a cause other than the connection itself?
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