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my 1998 ext cab ranger is a fantastic truck. 110k original miles. automatic. i use it when i need to haul something or as a back up vehicle.
sadly the original 60-40 seats were garbage when i got the truck. ripped and broken. i got some real nice used seats [60-40], but they were not for the same year and model. i did not realize how specific the seats need be til it was too late!
i installed the seats anyway making them fit and work 'good enuf'.

now i want to do a seat swap to individual bucket seats. here are my issues....
1-i tossed the original seats along with the floor mount bracket and tracks. all brackets and mounts were permanently attached to the original seats. not meant to be removed/reused

2- i have seen posts saying explorer buckets seats are a bolt in for my truck. one guy said from 1996-2001 explorer seats fit.

3-can anyone help me out on this?
3a - is that true about the explorer seats being compatible
3b - i want something that will bolt directly to the original seat track mounting holes in the floor. i really do
not want to fabricate a mounting system. are the track/floor/base mounts the same footprint?

4 - what other [if any] seats are a straight bolt in with no fabrication required?
4a - what years are the ford ranger seats a straight bolt in for my truck? i have been told 1998-2003,
also 1998-2007. little help on this please....

5 - any and all other input from your experience doing seat swap is encouraged and appreciated.

6 - why does such a great truck from a great company have such horrid seats??!! every ranger i find in the
wrecking yards has seats worse then mine!! and when i find rangers being parted out in ads, the seats
are always gone. tells me the seats are poor quality

thank you all,bob
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