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1978/9 F250 axles

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hey guys im looking at a f250, the add says its a 78 but she has square headlights so i think it might be a 79, but anyways it shuold be the same answer to my question either way. what axles would this have? would the front be a d44 with the d60 knuckles or whatever it is? and what about rear axle would that be a d60 or 9"?
thanks guys
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could not say with ot pics ill look around i have a ford truck spec book here some where
I would think the F250 would have the D60 front and rear... I could be wrong though... been a while since I looked at 'em...
thanks both of you guys
If you could snap a pic of both axles I could tell ya!
lol sorry i cant do that shes 4hrs away. but i looked at one on google and it says she got 44 front and 60 rear just look at this
You may be right... I coulda swore some of 'em came with D60 fronts...
yep they did
wasn't it a certain edition or something though?
heres the beaut

she even still got the chrome molding on the side and the little thin chrome down by the rocker panels. this is her inspiration

5" lift, 35's
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Clean looking truck man! My dream truck is a 78-79 F100...
that thing is beautiful!!!!!
thanks guys and would they have leaf springs or coils?
If I remember correctly, they have coils.
k, leaves would be easier to lift but coils have a better ride so either way there is pros lol
just get some coilovers for it!
Olfordtruck said:
just get some coilovers for it!
aaaaaaaaah nope!. some 2" coil spacers can be home made, 2" rear blocks i already have, and a 3" body lift can be made or bought for around $100. so thats a quick 5" lift to make room for some 35s for some axle clearance ;D
If it has the D60, I think those were leaf sprung...
rngrdanny22 said:
Clean looking truck man! My dream truck is a 78-79 F100...
Man, there's a stepside 79 F100 down the road w/ about 3" of lift and 33's... makes me sick... LOL
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