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  1. 4 Cylinder Engines
    Hi, I recently bought a 1984 Ford ranger 2.3 L single barrel carburetor automatic. The entire wiring harness is trash, I’ve had to dig out animal nests and in their place are just chewed up wires. Does anyone have a good diagram? I’ve also been looking for a new harness everywhere on the...
  2. General Ranger Discussion
    I purchased a 2019 Ford Ranger XLT Off Road addition and 2 day later was rear-ended. Minor collision, but rear bumper and hitch damage. Thought it would a good idea to replace it with an after market bumper, (ADD Stealth Fighter) liking the appearance and being all heavy metal and stronger. I...
  3. 8 Cylinder Engines
    Hey all, I was just given this 1984 ranger with a 302 Windsor swap and I'm trying to redo the wiring harness but I cannot seem to find the diagram anywhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Half of the connecters weren't plugged in and I cant seem to find any female/male plugins to fit in...
1-3 of 3 Results