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  1. alwaysFlOoReD's race truck

    Under Construction
    hey glad to see itsstill coming along . looks killer sure like a ride in that thing.
  2. still kicking

    New Members
    hey boys. droped by to say hi to all you ranger buddies. life had a test for me , but i passed .blew the old motor in the ranger spent the last 3 years building a 347 for it have one tank of gas run though it . so far ,seems real nasty fast . ill try to update as i can . if any of the old crew...
  3. sloue s new 347!

    8 Cylinder Engines
  4. sloues 83 V8 ranger

    Under Construction
    back up . life caved in for me had to dump my house and shop.i survived it so WTF. going to be a grandpa. and that d35 swap is done finally .. no c n t would have been to high for drifting sideways up and down the hills.,,,,,,,first flex tests . needed some tuning but for the most part i was...
  5. The "What Are You Doing Right Now" Thread!

    Off Topic Section
    stopping by to say hi .
  6. sloues 83 V8 ranger

    Under Construction
    pics my son took behind my back(good boy) need a new cam and ill get pics of it all done
  7. sloues 83 V8 ranger

    Under Construction
    update LS 8.8 disk brakes . d35 warn m hubs ,trussed and relocated ball joints . sorry no pics . >:?
  8. April 2011 ROTM - Winner!

    Ride of the Month
    you deserve it my young Friend ,congrats :D
  9. sloues 83 V8 ranger

    Under Construction
    yea I'm done posting my **** on the net... nothing to do with any body here ,it a great place ill miss you all but I'm done . my brain is to scrambled to keep in check when someone pisses me off. and the net seems to be more of a piss off for me than any thing else . so i need to step the fuck...
  10. Re: First Picture of Your Truck Thread

    Recycle Bin
    Re: First Picture of Your Truck Thread i am like RICO9 .these are the earliest i have .. and holy has every one who has posted ever modded there trucks right out . one kinda forgets we all started from scratch .. i would like to say to white94ranger that you have brought that little 2wd in to...
  11. Re: April 2011 ROTM - Nomination Thread!

    Recycle Bin
    Re: April 2011 ROTM - Nomination Thread! so this is a welcome back Demon-FX4 ? kinda miss your input round here.
  12. new project 94 explorer sport

    Under Construction
    glad to see you still liven flipwicked .
  13. b2 lifted and new rubber

    RBV Pictures
    8) well done grass hopper .. looks killer . funny **** my ranger has the exact hammer
  14. drilled and slotted rotors

    Wheels & Tires
    COOOLL !!!!!!!
  15. alwaysFlOoReD's race truck

    Under Construction
    liking the path the soup can is going . full width axle will fit nice under the new sides. adding an inch to full size front beams makes it a bolt in more or less . so i have read
  16. Gods April fool joke

    Off Topic Section
    thats harsh i feel for you . i know what its going to take to get that cleaned up and back together. thats a big job . man i wish was closer, me and the sons could help you lick that clean in a weekend. :'(
  17. SAS Complete

    RBV Pictures
    dont know how i missed this **** .wow nice job looks like it came that way . i really like how you are keeping it all under the truck and not going full width. nicely done PlumCrazy.
  18. drilled and slotted rotors

    Wheels & Tires
    have i got an envy bone going here. thats beauty . do tell about the fan blades of a f18 of all things . all my life all i wanted to do was work on jet planes. but i was to much of a fuck up! you are a god in my books SIR !
  19. get back here

    Off Topic Section
    my brother gerald . how have you and yours been man . glad to see you are still about and staying sane. i was wondering about you the other week . glad your back >:? to cold and muddy to put those flags on just yet.
  20. Stickered!

    RBV Pictures
    it looks killer boss. BADINTEN! i want one please... how much? dont send till you get your quid.. :-[
1-20 of 486 Results