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  1. Headliner

    Interior Styling
    A salvage yard is the only place I know of. No aftermarket sources I could find. If your headliner just needs recovering, that is a simple procedure and you can get the material on eBay...
  2. 2019 Ford Ranger XLT Spied Undergoing Winter Testing

    General Ranger Discussion
    Such a shame. Bring back the Ranger, but it looks more like the cross between a Toyota and a Studebaker.
  3. Intro

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    Welcome to the forum! Hopefully, someone with the expertise you require will chime in here. I, unfortunately, do not possess those skills.
  4. Hello from Los Angeles!

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    Hello Parrot and welcome to the forum! Congratulations on your newly aquired Ranger! Over time you will learn all the great things about these trucks and ways to make it your own. Enjoy your time here! :)
  5. New Member Here

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    Hello Harv and welcome to the forum! Have a look around... you most likely will find something of interest! :)
  6. anyone use this style of tow bar ?

    General Ranger Discussion
    Idaho; I'm not a tow bar kind of guy, but looking at that picture, it looks like it would have to mount on the face of the bumper, requiring holes to be drilled. Are you sure you want to do that to your bumper?
  7. HELP!! Needing help Truck is down 1995 Ranger 2001 Sport Trac Cluster Swap

    General Ranger Discussion
    Congratulations on finding the pinouts! Now, where are the pics of your white-face gauges? Hmmmm? :)
  8. 88 ranger help

    6 Cylinder Engines
    Not real familiar with 1st gen Rangers, but I would look for a blown fusible link under the hood. Also, with the battery connected (properly), use a VOM to check for power at the solenoid, fuse box, etc. My guess is when she connected it backward, it fried the fusible link that is there to...
  9. AC compressor clutch cycling

    4 Cylinder Engines
    The AC is active in 5 out of the 7 HVAC positions available. This is normal operation. Yes, it IS irritating. You can install a switch to disable the AC operation, but that is entirely up to the individual.
  10. Hello from Evansville, Indiana

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    Just found out about this forum, so I thought I would join in! Check out my garage when you get the chance! :)